Solenoid Coils, Hydraulic Coils, Clutch Coils, Valve Coils, and Sensor Coils

Guardian utilizes our 30+ years of design expertise to offer solutions for a host of complex coil geometries, coil environments, wire routings and terminations. 

Our in-house expertise in bobbin mold design and building, bobbin injection mold processing, and tooling design, ensures that critical features required in the bobbin are molded free of defects.  We achieve this consistency via design innovation and flexibility, along with stable mold processes and rigorous attention to detail.  This produces the precise geometries required for precision layer winding, complex wire routing and terminations.  



Coil Windings and Terminations

Careful design and process control of the magnet wire termination is key to the reliability and longevity of the circuit.  Guardian’s engineering department has years of experience in crafting and perfecting the design of the coil.  We can determine the best termination method for the application, whether SPC controlled resistance welding, nozzle and dip soldering, or IDC (Insulation Displacement).

We are designing for smaller and smaller coil packages, with precise control of winding tension, winding pitch, and wire position at high winding speeds which is essential for cost-effective, precision layer wound coils. 

Our design expertise also includes custom tooling, integral connector geometry and high temperature encapsulated coil designs (rated up to 220°C).  




Guardian Engineering and Manufacturing
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