Custom Encapsulated Coils, Custom Coil Windings, Overmolded Coils


Guardian has years of experience in designing and manufacturing millions of custom electromagnetic coils for the automotive, agricultural, aeronautic and hydraulic control industries.  Our expertise in both design and process methodology has provided innovative and reliable solutions for a multitude of voltages, terminations and connector configurations. Superior processing and Lean Manufacturing has led Guardian to zero defects and competitive pricing.




   Coil Winding Design               

• Custom bobbins
• Custom bobbin mold tooling
• Precision winding grooves
• Custom encapsulation mold tooling
• Custom integral connector geometry
• High temperature design (220°C)
• Custom sealing features for IP68 and
• Zero defect terminations
         - Weld tang
         - “V” Notch
         -  IDC (Insulation Displacement)
         -  Solder wrap post




Process Expertise

• Multi-cavity custom insert molding of
   bobbins, terminals, cores and sleeves
• Multi-spindle high volume precision layer
• Magnet wire ranging from 19 AWG to
   43 AWG
• Wire termination mastery
        -  Resistance welding
        -  Dip and nozzle flow soldering
        -  IDC terminations
• Multi-cavity coil encapsulation and
• Coil electrical testing for resistance,
   hipot, shorted turns, surge



We offer coil solutions for:

·         Cam Phasing Valves

·         Variable Valve Timing

·         Emission Valves

·         Latching Devices

·         Actuators

·         Engine Management

·         Transmission Control

·         Ride Control

·         Oil Flow Control

·         Hydraulic Fluid Control

Coil Brochure

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Start-stop Systems
·         Direct Inject Valves
·         Heating Control
·         Door Locks
·         Irrigation Control
·         Security Systems
·         Appliance Control Valves
·         Position Sensor Device Coils
·         Lift Controls
















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